Morgon Coffee Roasters

Morgon was founded in Gothenburg in the summer of 2018 and is still a relatively young company. The team, consisting of Gabriella Runesson, Christian Gullbrandsson and Markus Vestergaard, has a combined experience of almost 40 years working with coffee.

Before coming together to start the roastery, they worked together for years. Their combined resume includes running a roastery, coffee bars, giving lectures on coffee, training baristas, coffee consulting, and participating in coffee competitions. Some of these competitions earned us a bronze medal in roasting, two silver medals in brewing and two gold medals in coffee tasting. Internationally, they made it to the top eight semifinalists at the 2016 World Cup Tasters Championship and won gold as a team at the Nordic Roaster Forum Competition in 2014. In 2020, Morgon was in the spotlight for the first time when they were finalists in the 12th Annual International Sprudgie's Awards for "Most Notable Roaster of 2020." In an international and public vote, they were the only Scandinavian coffee roaster to be nominated among the finalists and awarded an “honorable mention” by the decisive jury. They are definitely moving in the right direction.