Jorge Díaz Campos - Peru - 250g

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Cultivar : Catuai
Processing: Honey Processed
Altitude : 1900 Masl
Harvested: March 2021
Tasting notes : Structured and creamy with notes of chocolate chip cookies and ripe plums
Roasting: Filter roasting

Morgon's relationship with Carlos and his family began in 2016 when Christian visited Tarrazu. The Monteros have been producing coffee for three generations. Grandfather Eli was first, followed by his son Carlos and his grandson Jacob. Mogon Coffee Roasters has visited their La Pastora farm several times over the years, and aside from the excellent coffee, it is the passion, friendliness and warmth of the family that stands out.
In Tarrazu, community is the top priority for Carlos and his family. Many of the neighboring producers see them as visionaries and leaders of the Tarrazu specialty coffee movement and look to them for inspiration and advice, which Carlos is always happy to give. The Morgon team even had the pleasure of hosting Carlos when he visited them in Gothenburg. So they had the privilege of returning the favor for his family's hospitality, spending a week with him and showing him the part of Morgon that belongs to the coffee chain.