Yobani Ramos - Washed - Colombia

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Variety : Pink Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude : 1900 Masl.
Harvested: January 2021
Tasting notes : Juicy and clear with notes of lemonade and mango

If you follow a long and winding gravel road along one of the mountains all the way to the top, you will find Finca La Fuente. At 1900 meters altitude, Yobani Ramos' farm is one of the most beautiful places imaginable, and the tropical climate of the Tarqui region is perfect for growing coffee. With breathtaking views that stretch for miles over the surrounding peaks and valleys, Yobani grows her Pink Bourbon coffee here. The cultivation follows biodynamic principles, which means that they strive to create the healthiest soil possible. This is achieved through composting, the integration of animals, shade plants and crop rotation on the farm. By viewing the farm as a closed but diverse ecosystem and treating the compost in a way that encourages microbial life, Yobani creates rich and fertile soil. Nature, consistency and quality are the key to Yobani's success and this delicious cup of coffee.