Chelbesa - Morgon Coffee Roasters

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Farmer: Bekele Legie

Variety : Dega & Wolisho

Processing: Washed

Altitude : 2000 Masl.
Harvested: December 2021
Tasting notes: Juicy and sweet with notes of red currants and lemonade

Just a few years ago, all Ethiopian coffee was traded on the national commodity exchange. That meant longer supply chains with more connections between growers and roasters and less control for the people who grow coffee. That changed in 2017 when the market opened up to small farmers who could sell their own products. More traceability, fewer middlemen, more control and more money for producers. Much better! Bekele Legie grows his coffee on a piece of land he received from his father in 2008. Since then, he has been praised as a model farmer in his village in the Konga district. He now grows, processes and exports his own coffee, and we're thrilled to have gotten our hands on it to share with you. In December 2019, Morgon set off from Gothenburg on a trip to Ethiopia. During their week-long journey, they traversed the birthplace of coffee and its majestic mountains. Due to heavy rains, Morgon came to Chelbesa station by motorbike, and the contrast between Morgon's roastery on the harbor, right at sea level, and the incredible 2100 meters was breathtaking. The growers' neighboring half-forests and gardens had some of the most uniform and beautiful deep red coffee cherries they had seen all week. They were also some of the sweetest and most delicious cherries they have ever tasted and the attention to detail when sorting them at the station was second to none. When you add it all up, Morgon just knew they had to share their coffee with you, and they are very proud to do so again this year..