Kava Roasters

They are Ivana & Marko. A couple who somehow fell in love with specialty coffee while photographing weddings around the globe. Back home in 2018, they decided to rent out a tiny neglected space in Hvar, tear it apart, breathe new life into it and open their first store in Hvar. They called it Kava 37.
Today the Kava family consists of three parts - Kava37 in Hvar, along with Kava2 and KavaRO (their monastery) in Split.

The story of Kava includes two people in love, their families, many friends with thoughtful ideas, a pinch of childhood memories, a very talented designer and a spoonful of paint. All of this makes her family a true story. Their cafes are simply called - kava - a Croatian word for coffee. A superscript number is added to the name to represent the house number where the café is located. Imagine the shapes used throughout their grain as enlarged ground coffee particles while their color is tied to one place. Green in the first picture is the average color of the plants in Hvar, yellow is the average color of the houses, blue of the sea and so on. Each location has a different look and feel as each color palette is unique and intertwined with the location in which it is located.