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Roasting Filter Roast

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Pamonha flavor? What's that?

ORIGIN : Guatemala
ROASTING: Filter roast
ALTITUDE : 1500 - 1700 meters
FLAVOR NOTES : High flavor intensity and stewed strawberries

Sometimes we get a coffee that's so good we just can't hold back. The bag comes, we prepare it, it tastes great and the juices are flowing, and then we call the guys downstairs and ask for the information about the farm and they're not there. That happens sometimes. Yes. Well, just once. But maybe that's a testament to how much we wanted him.

This washed Guatemalan has a sweet and balanced profile with white grapes and peach. It also has a strong pamonha flavor (Pamonha is a traditional Brazilian dish. It is a cooked paste made from corn whisked in coconut milk, usually served wrapped in corn husks. Wikipedia) - this is what our colleague from Brazil told us.

We will have more information in due course, such as: B. these romantic stories about the life and love of a farmer and his beans, but until then you'll have to put up with it.