EL Salvador - Finca El Salvador 48

EL Salvador - Finca El Salvador 48

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El Salvador

ORIGIN : El Salvador - Finca El Salvador
ROASTING: Filter Roast
PRODUCER : Rodolfo
ALTITUDE : 1500 - 1670 meters
VARIETY : Bourbon
PROCESS : 48 hour "cherry maceration natural"
FLAVOR NOTES : Dark chocolate and plum jam.

The fresh harvest from Finca El Salvador is here! Finca El Salvador 48 hour natural process! This coffee consists mostly of the Bourbon variety, which is grown at 1500 to 1670 m above sea level on the slopes of the Cerro el aguila mountain in Apaneca-Ilamatepec. Last year Friedhats tried the 120 hour fermented version, but for starters they opted for the 48 hour one. As you'd expect, it's funky, with notes of dark chocolate and plum jam.