EL Salvador - Finca El Salvador 2W

EL Salvador - Finca El Salvador 2W

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Roast Espresso Roast

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El Salvador - Double Washed

ORIGIN : El Salvador - Cerro Al Aguila
ROASTING: Espresso Roast
PRODUCER : Ruffatti Fam - Finca el Salvador
ALTITUDE : 1650 meters
VARIETY : Red Bourbon
PROCESS : Double washed
FLAVOR NOTES : Sweet and nutty.

Sometimes it's not enough to wash them once, you have to wash them twice. So nice that they washed it twice, so to speak. This sweet and nutty coffee comes from the Finca El Salvador Farm and has been double washed. First, the coffee is pulped and fermented under dry conditions, loose mucus is removed in the first washing phase, then the coffee is completely immersed in water for another day - giving the process its name "double wash".

This coffee, which is grown in Finca El Salvador at 1650 m above sea level, is a coffee for every day, sweet and nutty in taste.