Specialty Coffee Subscription August: Bonanza Coffee Roasters and Friedhats

Specialty Coffee Subscription August: Bonanza Coffee Roasters and Friedhats

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SUMMERTIME and the livin’ is easy.. it’s August and vacation time and this month you might not need your Specialty Coffee Subscription Box to boost your morning or enlighten your office hours.

All the better for you and your Specialty Coffee! Take the time to dig into the real slow coffee experience and experiment with your August coffee. Try a new recipe, drink V60 on ice, adjust the grinder, use a little less water, a little more coffee or just look at the beauty of a perfectly roasted coffee dripping into your server.

Find all the tools you need to prepare these beautiful coffees here!

Bonanza Coffee Roasters: Berlin Pioneer of Third Wave Coffee

The specialty coffee roaster Bonanza Coffee Roasters from the German capital Berlin is a Third Wave Coffee Bar of the extra class. The two founders, Yumi Choi and Kiduk Reus, were among the first to deal with the so-called Third Wave Coffee. Since then they have been roasting and serving coffee and developing barista techniques together with their team and a great deal of passion.

In their not-so-secret coffee oasis in Berlin, the roasting plant refines coffee week after week, allowing deep insights into the roasting process. Coffee connoisseurs can look through a glass wall and see how the finest coffee specialties are made from first-class raw beans.

The motto in Berlin is "Live the coffee!"

What you can find with Bonanza is transparency, dedication to the product, attention to detail and true skill. You can taste this in every bean from the Berlin coffee roastery. In addition, the coffee experts from Berlin take part in championships, train and advise their customers. Bonanza roasts its green coffee only as long as necessary. The variety of aromas should be brought out, no more and no less.

Brazil: Jaguara #5 by Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin

The unique flavor profile that Andre Garcia and his family produce at Jaguara is outstanding. This is the second lot Bonanza purchased from Jaguara this season, offering more bright and tropical notes. Andre dries the coffee cherries incredibly slow on innovative drier boxes, which provokes a small but controlled fermentation. This slow maturation allows for a wonderfully sweet and complex coffee.

Details Jaguara #5
Andre Garcia

Sul de Minas, State of Minas Gerais

Yellow Catuai


Red liquorice, Cola, Passionfruit

Suitable for all brewing methods.

Friedhats: Goofy, subversive, colorful Specialty Coffee

Open your suedseite August Specialty Coffee Box and be surprised! Friedhats definitely contradicts any “expectations that we were gonna do something super chic and Berlin-style”. More than that, it differs vastly from the usual specialty coffee experience with mindful Instagram accounts and a persistent touch of minimalism and Scandinavian cleanliness. Friedhats’ aesthetic could be summarized as ska-meets-psychedelica in a Roy Lichtenstein palette.

Friedhats specialty coffee too is bold, fun and a little crazy. They are a micro roastery based in Amsterdam, sourcing and roasting the best, most interesting coffee. The focus is on providing consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans.

They roast every lot individually to accentuate its natural characteristics.

Friedhats sources coffee based on flavour. They roast the beans individually to accentuate its natural characteristics. They train people so everyone can taste all that good coffee has to offer while, trying to improve the lives of the people growing and producing the coffee all around the world.

Peru: Gesha Blend by Friedhats, Amsterdam

The famous Geisha coffee beans! This one is a unique washed coffee with the chocolate notes you would expect from a Peru. Yet with a delicate sweetness of white grape, a silky mouthfeel and maybe a hint of something floral from the geisha.

Gesha Peru is a blend of Gesha, Bourbon and Caturra varieties, from five different producer households in the Rio Negro district, in Satipo. The cherries were grown at between 1600 and 1750 MASL and then blended and processed.

Details Gesha Blend

Santos Rivera, Martin Quispe, Magdalena Villazyan, Wilber & Delia Solano

Junin, Santipo, Peru

Gesha, Bourbon, Caturra

1600 - 1750 MASL


Black Tea, Cacao Nibs, White Grape

Suitable for all brewing methods, ideal for filter.

Dare to experiment with your suedseite Specialty Coffee Beans

Specialty Coffee lives from precision and care. We therefore recommend that you always use the correct dimensions and preparation techniques when preparing Specialty Coffees.

For accurate brewing at home, we have created the Brew Guides for you! Do not forget that the perfect cup of coffee tastes a little different for everybody. We encourage you to experiment, adjust and create your very own specialty coffee experience – our Specialty Coffee Abo Beans got you covered!

ENJOY this wonderful, summer month of August and see you in September! Thank You for being a part of suedseite!

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