NEW RECIPE! Summer Blood Orange Aeropress – fruity, juicy, zesty.. blood orangey!

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Blood Orange Aeropress

Watch out, this is as fresh as it gets!

This Aeropress recipe is perfect for a hot summer day and folks who love citrus flavours.

  • Use 16g of suedseite Specialty Coffee on a medium grind.
  • Brew AeroPress. Follow our Aeropress method Aeropress recipe BUT: Use only 150g of water instead.
  • Squeeze 50g of blood orange juice, you can use juice in a box, but you'll note the difference. Add 5 ice cubes.
  • Slowly pour your AeroPress Brew over the ice cubes.
  • ENJOY you suedseite Summer Aeropress with a twist !

Fresh, fresher... Blood Orange Aeropress!

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