Specialty Coffee Subscription September: Coffee Collective and Fjord Specialty Coffee Roasters

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Despite COVID-19, less tourism and fewer laughters on the streets – what a wonderful summer. It’s never easy to start into the season of autumn, no matter how beautiful the leaves start to look and how ripe the fruits are. We got your back though!


Carefully selected, wildly loved Specialty Coffees are coming your way with the intention of putting a smile on your face and a multitude of flavours in your mouth. Let’s talk about roasters and coffee beans!

From Godthåbsvej with love: Coffee Collective


Nothing like the Nordic approach. Say what you will, the Scandinavian way of roasting coffee is an all-time-favourite to us.


Founded in 2007, the Danish Specialty Coffee roaster Coffee Collective is to this day owned and run by Peter N. Dupont, Casper Engel Rasmussen and Klaus Thomsen. With several competition awards in the bag, including gold in both the World Barista Championship and World Cup Tasting championships, Coffee Collective continues to explore exciting coffee experiences.

Coffee Collective is serious about Specialty Coffee. Like most coffee aficionados, their journey started after going through a paradigm shift— that first cup of coffee, the mesmerising and vibrant flavours, that juicy, silky mouthfeel, that lingering sweetness, followed by a clean finish. It was that particular experience that made us challenge the industry norm, and question how and what are coffees supposed to taste like?


It was that particular experience that made us challenge the industry norm, and question how and what are coffees supposed to taste like?

Today they deliver some of the best coffees from carefully selected origins that have always put quality and sustainability first. This first step of sourcing is what allows them to roast the coffees with care, to an optimum degree, highlighting every beans' unique characteristics and flavours that connoisseurs appreciate. That is why they continuously strive in the coffee craft, coffee passion, and their message. Coffee Collective love what they do, and we love sharing it with you..


A dream of pecan and orange blossoms: Vista Hermosa Specialty Coffee

Finca Vista Hermosa is Coffee Collective’s longest-standing partner and the first farm they bought coffee directly from. They’ve actually been buying from them since they first started Coffee Collective in 2007. Edwin has even visited Copenhagen a couple of times.


The land was bought in the mid-'50s by Edwin’s grandfather. From the initial get-go, the main ambition for the family has been to help the local population in getting better living conditions. Edwin says that coffee is a means to empower the local growers. Teaching them to cup and get more knowledge about specialty coffee has enabled many to grow higher-quality coffee. This is very visible in the fact that more young people are choosing to keep growing coffee instead of moving away to the city.


The altitude of Vista Hermosa’s fields makes them grow a lot slower, for example, it takes up to 6-7 years for them to get to full production, compared to the normal 4. The few hundred meters of difference in altitude makes all the difference.

Details Finca Vista Hermosa








Edwin Martinez



Vista Hermosa



Red and Yellow Bourbon, Caturra, Pache






1,600-1,900 masl



Aromas of pecan nuts, nougat and orange blossoms


Berlin is our cup of coffee: Fjord Specialty Coffee Roasters

Can’t stop drinking Berlin’s Specialty Coffees! The capital keeps on coming back to us with multi-layered, diverse coffees and an equally convincing dedication to the coffee business.


Fjord is a Berlin based specialty roastery founded to provide memorable coffee drinking experiences.  Fjord convinces with quality and honesty from sourcing to service. The goal of Fjord’s roasting process is to draw out the naturally sweet and vibrant taste of the high quality beans they source, while showcasing a variety of regions, processing methods and seasonal specialties. Fjord roasts always to order for maximum freshness!

The birthplace of coffee: Duromina Specialty Coffee Cooperative


The Duromina cooperative was set up as a reaction to the poor reputation of the coffee previously available from the Jimma region, which was infamous for low price, low quality products. 113 local coffee produces joined forces to change their industry and their livelihoods. They picked a name that reflected their joint ambition, Duromina translates to 'to become rich' in the local language. This is the second time Fjord has worked with coffee from the Duromina Co-Op.












Duromina (Co-Op)
















Notes of rose, vanilla and peach



Enjoy September, enjoy autumn, enjour our Specialty Coffee Box! :)



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