Timemore sculptor 078 coffee grinder

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The Timemore Sculptor is a revolutionary grinder that will reshape your coffee experience. This impressive piece of technology features a compact design and has a remarkable impact on your brewing process.

The electric grinder has received immense acclaim in the coffee community and is praised for its outstanding performance. Coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to purchase this exceptional appliance that combines robust construction, aesthetic appeal and consistent results.

Key features:

Easy removal of the grinding discs secured by magnets
Automatic switch-off after the grinding process
Red grind indicator
Large silver on/off switch
Front selector switch with 36 adjustable grind settings
Capacity of the bean container: 45-50g
Cup diameter of approx. 57 mm, suitable for 58 mm filter holder
Graduated grind settings
Brushless motor for a longer service life and reduced noise levels
Rotating "Knock" system for easy removal of grinds by simply turning
Adjustable revolutions per minute (RPM)
Magnetic grinding cup and lid for the bean container
Ideal for pour-over, drip or French press brewing.
Experience the satisfaction of the grinding knocker, which provides a distinct click when effectively removing grinds.

Optimise the distribution of your grind size with adjustable revolutions per minute; lower revolutions per minute can be adjusted to suit your needs.