Salma Bermudez - One More Geisha by Diego Bermudez | Colombia (125g)

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca Piendamo
Finca El Paraiso
Farmer: Cesar Bermudez
Processing: Advanced fermentation
Altitude : 1960 Masl.
Tasting notes : elderflower, mango lassi, dulce de leche

We are excited to release MCR (Manhattan Coffee Roasters) third iteration of Geisha by Diego Bermudez!
Named after his middle daughter Salma, this coffee really surprised us when we tasted it.
Table. We had never tasted a coffee with such a distinct, sweet mouthfeel. The Dulce
The dulce de leche sweetness is pure and the mango and elderflower notes are delicious and stand out

The coffee itself went through so many stages in the wet mill that MCR decided to
to simply refer to it under the generic term 'advanced fermentation'. The difference between this
Coffee and Diego's previous Geisha lots is that the leachate prepared for this coffee was taken from first-class red bourbon and mixed with a range of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.
before going through several stages of anaerobic pressure fermentation.
Diego himself said: "This is one of my favorite geishas that we made, it reminds me of
of the dulce de leche that my grandmother always made for me.
This is world class,
Enjoy thoroughly.