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ORIGIN: Rwanda - Nyamasheke Hills washing station
ROAST: Filter Roast
PRODUCER: Louis Ndereyimana - Collective of 600 farmers
ELEVATION: 1750 to 1900 meters
VARIETY: Red Bourbon
TASTE NOTES: Bright juiciness, red currant, and a hint of green tea.


All of Friedhats' coffees are delightful. Naturally. They anticipate them to be nice, and it doesn't come as a surprise when they are. However, some manage to exceed expectations, and this washed Red Bourbon from Rwanda was one such coffee.

The Nyamasheke Hills washing station gathers cherries from 600 farmers whose farms range from 1750 masl to 1900 masl, resulting in a collection of exceptionally high-quality coffees. The station's manager, Louis Ndereyimana, was once a farmer himself before establishing the washing station. This dual experience as both a farmer and processor contributes to maintaining the coffee's quality.

As an espresso, the coffee exhibits more creaminess, almond undertones, yet remains juicy. This characteristic carries over into the filter experience as well, featuring abundant bright juiciness and notes of red currant, complemented by a hint of green tea on the palate.