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Farmer: Jorge Vasquez Urena.
Region: Central Valley - Costa Rica
Processing: Natural
Altitude : 1850 Masl.
Tasting notes : hazelnut, strawberry, creamy

Roble Negro coffee comes from producer Jorge Vasquéz. His coffee farm, Finca Cedral Alto, is located in the town of Aserrí in Costa Rica's Tarrazú region, about 45 minutes outside the capital, San José.

The name Roble Negro means "black oak" and Cedral Alto means "high cedar grove". These names indicate the importance of trees, reforestation and environmental protection for Jorge and his coffee production.

Cedral Alto is 22.5 hectares in size, including 12 hectares of primary forest, 6.5 hectares of afforestation and pastureland and 3 hectares of coffee cultivation. The farm is rich in natural springs and freshwater springs, which are protected and kept clean by the forested areas. It lies at the transition between the Pacific side of the country and the Central Valley region, at an altitude of 1,750-2,000 meters above sea level.