Potosi XO Omni

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ORIGIN : Colombia - Cauca
Producer: Cafe Granja La Esperanza
HEIGHT : 2230 Masl
VARIETY : San Juan
PROCESS: Extended Fermentation
FLAVOR NOTES : Funky, fermented, chocolate candy, pure XO

XO is a symbol. XO stands for quality, it stands for luxury. XO is the top shelf. The Potosi XO is not dissimilar. This coffee was the result of Potosi Farm's first experiments with extended fermentation (non-carbonated or anaerobic). The first batch acquired a distinct cognac flavor and the name XO stuck.

Potosi Farm is one of the farms that make up the impressive roster of Cafe Granja La Esperanza, located at 1800 m above sea level in the Cauca Valley in Colombia. This San Juan coffee is super boozy, funky, fermented and juicy with a dark chocolate finish.

The Sidra from Cafe Granja la Esperanza is grown at an altitude of 1400 to 2000 m. A temperature-controlled fermentation over 48 hours brings a higher sugar concentration with intense, complex notes. The Yirgacheffe and XO varieties are also grown on the farm in Potosi. We have these two varieties. All of these coffees are good.