Paola Trujillo - Colombia

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“There is nothing written, you always learn and this opens more

doors to meet people from whom you continue to learn more”.

Country of origin : Colombia - Caldono, Cauca
Farm : Patio Bonito
Cultivar : Pink Bourbon
Processing : Natural
Altitude : 1560 Masl.
Tasting notes : strawberry, yogurt and chocolate
Roasting : Omni

The Finca Patio Bonito is located at an altitude of 1560 meters above sea level in the Caldono region of Cauca. This enchanting farm is surrounded by a lush landscape of Guayacan, Mano de Oso, avocado, native and fruit trees. However, the real gem of this farm lies in the six hectares of coffee plants.

Almost two decades ago, Paola Yuliana Trujillo worked for a coffee company in Nariño. In her role as head of quality control, she became an expert in coffee tasting. Although coffee has a rich tradition, her experience there ignited a passion to forge her own path, right on her own farm.

Over the last nine years, they began cultivating their first coffee crops while taking part in training courses from SENA, a well-known vocational training institution in Colombia. As Paola aptly puts it: "There is no standard recipe; you are constantly learning, which opens doors to connect with people who can give you more knowledge."

At the age of 35, Paola has successfully grown a variety of coffee varieties on her farm. She has achieved financial independence through growing coffee. After a series of experiments and adjustments, she has developed her unique techniques that result in a first-class product. Each variety is processed using specific methods that result in coffee with special characteristics.

Paola has the long-term success of her company in mind, which she wants to establish as a reputable source for high-quality coffee. She continues her father's legacy and secures a stable financial basis for herself and her family.