ONYX - Ethiopia Gedeb Beriti

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This organic coffee from Gedeb Beriti features all the fruity notes we love in naturally processed coffee. Dried in the cherry, this coffee is coated in complex fruit esters and sucrose, giving it a concentrated sweetness. This Macro lot from Ethiopia is produced by Onyx friends and collaborators at METAD Coffee, who are vital to their Ethiopian program.

Country of origin : Ethiopia | Hambela
Farm: Metad - Adinew brothers
Variety : Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Altitude : 2000 Masl.
Tasting notes: Concord grapes, sweet tea, strawberry, raw honey

The Adinews, Harmony and Ethiopia's first female pilot
by Dakota Graff

The first word I would use to describe METAD's coffees and practices is harmony. This experience is evident in the cup with its delicate flowers and soft fruit characters, but it goes far beyond the taste experience of the coffee. Since working with the Adinew brothers, it has been demonstrated time and time again that they are committed to producing some of the best coffee in Ethiopia while maintaining high business standards. In our nearly eight-year relationship, both Tariku and Aman have proven that they care deeply about their coffees and their personal relationships. Tariku Adinew has the gift of hospitality that makes me feel at home when I'm halfway around the world, sleep-deprived, and generally over-caffeinated. This hospitality contributes to the harmony that I experience in their coffees, and the efforts of their family work exceed the experiences that buyers have with them and their coffees.

The land on which this coffee is grown was a gift to Muluemebet Emiru in 1934. Muluemebet was Africa's first female pilot, and after World War II she was gifted farmland in Harar, which became a private coffee-growing area. This ultimately established the family's connection to the land and their harmony with the cycles of coffee production. The Hambela estate is now world famous for producing the best coffees in Ethiopia, which is not least due to the commitment of the Adinew brothers to refining these coffees.