Nestor Lasso (Honoree Finalist Notable Coffee Producer 2022)

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El Diviso - Colombia

ORIGIN : Colombia - Huila
ROASTING: Filter Roast
PRODUCER : Nestor Lasso
HEIGHT : 1750 Masl
VARIETY : typical mejorado
PROCESS : Washed
FLAVOR NOTES : Raspberry, rose, shortbread

This coffee from Nestor Lasso of Colombia is a coffee we were really excited to release!

Nestor and his brother Adrian took over the family farm and decided to get into the specialty coffee business. The two brothers teamed up with Johan Vergara and founded the farm "El Diviso" in the Huila region of Colombia. The young trio is already causing a sensation in the specialty coffee scene.

Together the three have managed to produce an amazing Typica Mejorado that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. After harvesting, the coffee is crushed and oxidized with the mucus for 12 hours. It is then fermented submerged in 28 degree water for 8 hours. To complete the process, the coffee is washed with 65-70 degree water to create a thermal shock effect. The coffee is dried to a moisture level of 11%, which takes 18-24 days.

We can't wait to see the results! In the cup you can expect notes of raspberry, rose and shortbread.