Manhattan Coffee Roasters - QUEEN | Colombia (125g)

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QUEEN - Colombia

ORIGIN : Colombia - Tolima
ROASTING: Filter roast
PRODUCER : Elias & Shady Bayter - El Vergel
HEIGHT : 1460
VARIETY : Geisha
PROCESS : Carbonic Maceration
FLAVOR NOTES : Raspberry, blueberry and red rose.

The good friends at Manhattan's Forest Coffee have an absolute blast from Geisha that's more than worthy of their world-class category.

The story of the two brothers who started growing coffee is quite unusual. Their farm, El Vergel, was primarily a vegetable farm before entering the coffee world. About ten years ago, Elias expressed interest in carving out part of the farm to grow coffee. Interestingly, Elias somehow came into possession of some incredibly unique coffee plants.

The two brothers, now known worldwide for their use of koji in both natural and washed processes, founded a new company called Forest Coffee, which also invests heavily in surrounding farms. They teach others to process their coffee using new techniques and bring their coffees to the international market.

The "Queen" was a method of coffee production developed by the matriarch of the family, Marta. It combines techniques that both we and the Bayters have explored over the past two years into a single coffee. The schedule looks like this.

72 hours of carbonic maceration fermentation with the addition of Java lixivates (the liquid aftereffect of coffee fermentation), followed by 24 hours of aerobic fermentation with the addition of Leuconostoc (lactosbacillus cultured 48 hours before use). The drying protocol then provides for several rest periods at different humidity levels: 3 days at 25%Hu, 5 days at 18%Hu and 10 days at 14%Hu. The coffee is then cooled down to a humidity of around 10% and stabilized in grain sacks for 30 days.

The overall result is spectacular with notes of raspberry, blueberry and red rose. Enjoy it thoroughly.