Colombia - Potosi XO Omni

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ORIGIN : Colombia - Cauca Valley
ROASTING: Omni Roast
PRODUCER : Potosi Farm
PROCESS : Extended fermentation
FLAVOR NOTES : Tropical, spices, yellow plum, super sweet

It's back! Fresh harvest from our friends at Cafe Granja La Esperanza. We managed to get a little more of this wonderful coffee this year so we can enjoy it a little longer! As you probably already know, this coffee comes from the Potosi farm in the Cauca Valley in Colombia. The XO refers to the way the coffee was produced. They use a prolonged fermentation after picking the cherries, but this only takes place in air. No anaerobics, no carbonic maceration! When they first tried this, the coffee acquired a distinct cognac note, so they decided to call it XO!

The taste is unique among all the coffees we have ever tried and always puts a satisfied smile on your face after the first sip.