Colombia - La Gaitania

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La Gaitania

ORIGIN : Colombia - Tolima
ROASTING: Filter and espresso roast
ALTITUDE : 1500 - 1900 Masl
VARIETY : Castillo and Caturra
FLAVOR NOTES : Caramel, cane sugar and balanced with a crisp acidity

When it comes to coffee, there is less talk about the history of the place of origin. The contemporary issues that shape a region also play a major role in the production and export of coffee. Tolima is one of the regions that until recently was considered one of the most dangerous farming areas due to the recent decline in the FARC presence. Political aspects aside, Tolima is remote and difficult to access as it is flanked by the Andes and the Magdalena River basin.

So you can certainly imagine how good the coffee from there must be if so much work goes into its production despite the geographical labyrinth of Tolima.

This washed coffee is a blend of the Caturra and Castillo varieties, grown at 1500 to 1900 m above sea level. Sweetness is the main component here, with lots of caramel and cane sugar, but balanced with high acidity and freshness.