Kenia Kariaini AA

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ORIGIN: Kenya - Kirinyaga
ROAST: Filter
PRODUCER: Kariaini Mill - Mwirua Cooperative
ELEVATION: 1600 Masl
VARIETIES: SL28, SL 34, Ruiru, and Batian
FLAVOR NOTES: Jam, berries, and roses

Thinking outside the box is beneficial, and Friedhats recognizes this in the coffee world. In the realm of flavors, Friedhats often encounters the familiar flavor wheel, meticulously defining fruits, sugar, and seeking comparisons for sweetness. However, there are moments when it's advantageous to rely on intuition. Friedhats encourages individuals to break free from conventional boundaries, immersing themselves in a realm of MOMENTS and VIBES.

For Friedhats, the Kenya Kariaini AA #011 evokes memories of a sophisticated grandmother's conservatory, where enjoying jam sandwiches in the sunshine and sipping blueberry-infused loose-leaf tea from bone china with delicately painted pink flowers on cups and saucers become a cherished experience.

Despite the importance of sensory exploration, Friedhats acknowledges the value of technical knowledge. Explaining the intricacies, Friedhats details the blend of SL28, SL34, Ruiru, and Batian varieties in this coffee. Grown at an elevation of 1600 masl and processed at the Kariaini mill, this coffee is a product of the Mwirua Farmer Cooperative Society, comprising 1304 farmers located in the Kirinyaga Country region.

The narrative combines emotions, information, and the essence of good coffee, creating a well-rounded experience. Cheers to Friedhats and their coffee journey.