Indonesia - Frinsa Edun Anaerobic Natural

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Anaerobic Natural

ORIGIN : Indonesia
ROASTING: Filter Roast
PRODUCER : Frinsa Colective - Wildean and Atieq Mustofa
ALTITUDE : 1300 - 1500 meters
PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural
FLAVOR NOTES: light like kombucha and full like dark chocolate

“Sophisticated Funk” was the name of the game with this coffee and it worked! This batch is named "Edun", which means "crazy", although this coffee only had 3 days of anaerobic fermentation, unlike the Rujak Bebeg which took 14 days! This is the final batch for this year from the Frinsa experiments conducted in collaboration with Nordic Approach, and it ends the ride with a cup that's light like kombucha and rich like dark chocolate.

The Frinsa collective was founded in 2010 by producer Wildan and his wife Atieq Mustofa. With an eye on quality, they built the collective and now have 6 main plots in West Java, all between 1300 and 1500 m above sea level. M. lie. They also own a wet mill, a dry mill and a well-ventilated warehouse (which is very important in Indonesia), which means they have complete control over the entire process. This batch comes from the 60 hectare Weninggalih plot and consists of the Sigarar Utang, Andung Sari, Ateng, Timor (Borbor, Timtim) grape varieties.