Pink Bourbon - Finca La Fuente | Colombia

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Origin: Colombia

Region : Tarqui-Huila

Farmers: Yobani Ramos and Yaved Guarnizo

Processing: Washed completely, dried on raised beds

Cultivars: Pink Bourbon

Tasting notes : Tropical fruits, floral, complex

Yobani Ramos and her husband Yaved own a small farm called Finca La Fuente in the Tarqui region of central Huila. The farm is located at the end of the road at 1825 m above sea level and extends to 2000 meters above sea level. Together they have about 6 hectares of land planted with Caturra, Colombia and Pink Bourbon. Both Yobani and Yaved are committed to consistently high quality and have made major investments and improvements on the farm and in the beneficio since we began working together. The farm was renovated a few years ago with new tiled tanks and easy-to-clean containers. They have also invested in new drying beds covered with shade nets to slow the drying process.

Yobani and Yaved grow their coffee using organic and biodynamic practices and care for the plants and wildlife on the farm. Yaved is interested in biodynamic studies and makes three different composts/compost teas as well as some clever natural pesticides. Due to the altitude, the cooler average temperature allows for slow ripening, which gives the coffee cherries lots of sugar and complex flavors. The cherries are packed with flavors of papaya, lychee and melon. Yobani and Yaved are constantly working to get better and they produce some of the best coffee we have ever seen. Anne has visited her twice a year since we began working together. Not only do they have one of the most beautiful farms in the world, but they are also some of the most generous and humble people there are. Spending time with them on the farm is always a highlight.

This is a truly special coffee that showcases the best of Colombia. We look forward to sharing it with you.