LOW CAF | Brazil - Daterra Laurina

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Brazil DATERRA Low-Caf Omni Roasted

ORIGIN : Brazil -
ROASTING: Omni Roast
PRODUCER : Daterra
ALTITUDE : 1150 meters
Cultivar : Laurina and Aramosa
PROCESS : Aerobic maceration process
FLAVOR NOTES : Clean, slightly floral with notes of roasted hazelnut and milk chocolate

Instead of going down the decaf route, we decided to try something different!

This coffee comes from Daterra farms and is grown between 1149 and 1150 m above sea level. It is a mixture of the Laurina variety and the Aramosa variety, a cross between Arabica and the lesser-known Racemosa. Both varieties are naturally low in caffeine: between 0.3% and 0.75% (unroasted) compared to 1.2% to 1.6% for Arabica and 2.2% for Robusta.

This batch is a natural, aerobic maceration process, although in the cup it is clean and bright and a little floral, with notes of toasted hazelnut and milk chocolate