Ethiopia - Negele Gorbitu OMNI

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Anaerobic - Even funkier, even fruitier

ORIGIN : Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe
ROASTING: Omni Roast
PRODUCER : Negele Gorbitu
VARIETY : Kurume, Dega and Wolisho
PROCESS: Anaerobics
FLAVOR NOTES: Strawberries, papaya, melon, orange, roasted pineapple

For two consecutive years, Friedhats has crafted narratives revolving around tropical getaways, exploring the emotions and locations stirred by the Negele bean. These stories have featured sports cars, sunshine, tropical fruits, and cocktails. This year proves to be no exception, so buckle up for another thrilling journey.

As the cold grips the Netherlands, Friedhats, seeking an escape, reaches out to a travel agent. Inquiring about the best budget-friendly trip to a sun-soaked destination, the agent recommends a hot land with palm trees, beautiful people, and reasonably priced cocktails—an enticing proposition. Upon waking up in the tropical paradise, Friedhats wonders where to find a quality cup of coffee, acknowledging that even this story lacks good hotel coffee. Following a local's advice, Friedhats hops into a soft-top convertible and makes their way to the finest coffee hut in town.

Seated at the coffee hut, Friedhats meets the barista's gaze, knowing precisely what they're there for—a real funky, special brew. It's that boozy, tropical, sunkissed coffee that outshines the sunrise: the Negele. This anaerobically processed coffee underwent fermentation for 4-5 days, comprising three varieties—Kurume, Dega, and Wolisho—grown at elevations ranging from 1995 to 2020 meters above sea level. While a bit cleaner than the previous year, a touch less extreme perhaps, it still promises to make eyes pop, but in a good way. Thus, the Negele continues its tradition of captivating with its distinctive charm under the curation of Friedhats.