Specialty Coffee Subscription July: Tim Wendelboe and Five Elephants

Specialty Coffee Subscription July: Tim Wendelboe and Five Elephants

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The Specialty Coffee Subscription Boxes for July go out today and we are very excited, very curious how you like our selection and a little bit exhausted. Despite the many Kafkaesque phone calls with customs, FedEx and the like, we didn't finish all the fine Specialty Coffee and are now looking forward to your feedback (whether on Instagram, Facebook or via email).

Before we disappear into the hot month of July, we would like to introduce you to the Specialty Coffees of the July Box, tell you a little bit about the roasters and their coffees and give you a few tips for brewing their Specialty Coffees. 

Specialty Coffee Guru Tim Wendelboe and his coffee roasters

What can we not say about Tim? The man’s life goal is to bring knowledge and innovation to the world of coffee and to teach coffee lovers how to taste, brew, serve and appreciate the perfect cup of coffee. His barista courses are always fully booked, the Oslo café 'feels like a neighborhood shop, but it's run like a Michelin-starred restaurant' and the roastery shines bright with a philosophy that emphasizes quality, transparency, innovation and social responsibility.

One man's mission to educate, innovate, and serve the world's best brew.

And Tim's Specialty Coffees? Typically Nordic. The light roasting produces a cup with surprisingly little bitterness, lots of sweetness and gentle aromas. In the coffee country of Norway, even large supermarket chains sometimes roast brightly and buy Fairtrade coffees. So Nordic Specialty Coffee roasters have to be extremely good to stand out. Years of cooperation with the same coffee farmers have enabled Tim Wendelboe to carry out quality control at the highest level. The Oslo roasting plant offers only single origin coffees.

By the way: To guarantee absolute freshness, Tim Wendelboe roasts only on order. Meaning your coffee beans have been roasted especially for you. As fresh as it gets!

Nacimiento Pacas: Nordic Specialty Coffee from Honduras

Nacimiento is a small coffee farm owned and run by Jobneel Caceres Dios and his wife Fany. The farm is located on the top of the El Cielito arm of Mount Santa Barbara in Honduras. The altitude and the humid, cool climate make this region one of the most privileged coffee growing areas in Honduras. 

The Jobneel coffee harvest period is very long. It begins in January and continues into June, which is why the coffee cherries are sorted by variety and picking date. During the roasting process Tim Wendelboe works on the principle of first in-first out to guarantee maximum freshness. 

This special micro lot is an early harvest from the lower part of the Nacimiento (1500 m - 1600 m). Often the early pickings are not as intensive, but this harvest proves this assumption wrong. Instead, the Pacas lot has a deep, beautiful fruitiness and a fine herbal character. Does it also remind you of the many berries found in Norway's forests?


Details Nacimiento Pacas




El Cielito, Santa Barbara


Jobneel Caceres Dios








February 2019


Red currants, apples and chocolate

Berlin lifestyle meets German precision at Five Elephants Specialty Coffee

Five Elephants Roastery is one of the Specialty Coffee Roasters that has been turning cheerful Berlin into a coffee mecca and destination for coffee tourists for a few years now. Despite Berlin's easy-going lifestyle, high quality standards are the one and only thing of this Specialty Coffee Roastery: reflected both in their coffees and in the service of their coffee shops and coffee courses. 

Five Elephants comes along with a funny logo, playful spaces and a cheerful design, but they take Specialty Coffee very seriously. Their staff purchases and roasts some of the best coffees in the world. The best coffees in the world, that doesn't stop at the taste for the Berlin roastery. Five Elephants also strive for world-class coffee in terms of its impact on the planet, the environment and the social constructs of the communities that produce its coffees.

Still lacking the tools to properly prepare these great coffees? Have a look at our coffeeware!

FAF! Organic Yellow Catuai: Organic Specialty Coffee from Brazil

The organic certified Specialty Coffee from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in Mococa, São Paulo, Brazil is at Five Elephants for the fourth time and tastes better than ever!

The Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, an organic certified farm in Brazil, has been managed for almost 20 years by Silvia Barretto, husband Marcos Croce and their son Felipe. Since 1850 the coffee farm has been owned by the Barrettos but in 2002 Silvia completely transformed the farm and switched to organic coffee cultivation.

After several failed harvests, the Barretto family made a breakthrough with healthy permaculture. Today the couple's success stands for the promise of sustainable cultivation of specialty coffees and the positive effects for a whole region.

Details FAF! Organic Yellow Catuai

Certified organic cultivation



Mococa, São Paulo, Brazil


Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza


Silvia Barretto


Yellow Catuai




1.000-1.100 Height above sea level


Deep red grape, fruit punch and rose.

Tips for brewing and enjoying your Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee lives from precision and care. We therefore recommend that you always use the correct dimensions and preparation techniques when preparing Specialty Coffees.

Don’t do without a proper digital scale to measure both water and coffee and get consistent results. Use 60 to 70 grams of coffee per liter (1000 g) of water, depending on the brewing method, water quality and coffee used.

For accurate brewing at home, we have created the Brew Guides for you!

ENJOY, see you in August - and thanks for being a part of suedseite!

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