Rwanda - Bwenda

Rwanda - Bwenda

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HERKUNFT: Rwanda - Bwenda
RÖSTUNG: Espresso Roast
PRODUZENT: Bernard Uwitije
HÖHE: 1700 Masl
VARIETÄT: Red Bourbon
PROZESS: Natural 
GESCHMACKSNOTEN: Getrocknete Früchte, Honig, Panela

Bwenda’s owner, Bernard Uwitije, is originally from southern Rwanda, in the Nyamagabe district. He came from a region where coffee was one of the dominant crops. Bernard first entered the coffee industry trading home-processed coffee sold on parchment. He later realized the added value if the fully processed coffee (fermented, dried and cleaned) was sold.

Wanting to establish a proper and sustainable business in the coffee sector, he built his first washing station near his hometown in 2016. He took advantage of the first year to learn all the details of how to operate a successful washing station and, then, he built his second station washing the following season, where it later dominated the processing of large volumes of coffee without compromising quality.

Bwenda was his third washing station, built-in 2018 after realizing that a group of farmers who were somewhat isolated did not have a nearby washing station to transform their cherries into high-quality coffee.

2019 was Bwenda’s first operating season, processing only 1 container of coffee. Bernard is already developing several programs to help farmers provide Bwenda with extension services and is expanding the capacity of this washing station