The Genius Bourbon Natural - Kolumbien

The Genius Bourbon Natural - Kolumbien

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**ORIGIN:** Colombia
**ROAST:** Omni roast
**FARMER:** El Vergel
**ALTITUDE:** 1500 Masl
**VARIETY:** Red Bourbon
**PROCESS:** Natural - 84 Hours Carbonic Maceration
**FLAVOR NOTES:** Tropical notes and cocoa

The Women Project at El Vergel is a team of 15 women who work on a highly accurate, detailed picking, to ensure that only the best quality cherries are picked. Martha is the owner of the estate, and has used this Red Bourbon variety to experiment with processing; creating an 84-hour carbonic maceration fermentation with intermittent sun drying - pretty genius.

Named the "Genius Bourbon" and grown at 1500 meters above sea level in Tolima, this coffee is bringing the funk back to our offerings, with some heavy ferment, tropical notes, and cacao.