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El Salvador 120 hours Anaerobic

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He is back!!

ORIGIN : El Salvador
PRODUCER : Finca El Salvador
ALTITUDE : 1650 a.s.l
VARIETY : Red Bourbon
PROCESS : 120 hours Anaerobic
FLAVOR NOTES : An alcoholic, rich nectar with a funk

People always ask Lex, "Hey, when is the El Salvadoran Natural 120 Hour Maceration coming back?", and he tells them that when Buddha sat under the tree, he didn't wait for the 120 Hour Maceration to come back. Maceration process of El Salvadoran Natural is reintroduced. But Lex is sure he's thought about it. How could you not? An alcoholic, rich nectar with lots of funky notes.

The waiting time is over. It's time to get up from under the tree and into the bright, anaerobic light. Made from the Red Bourbon variety and grown at 1,650 meters above sea level, this coffee is a well-known favorite. Friedhats works a lot with Finca El Salvador because they consistently produce great coffees with interesting processing methods and high quality standards; this year's 120N is no different.