South side team


has been drinking coffee for as long as he can remember. Probably almost exactly nine months before he was born. No wonder, in Portugal a café is at least as much a way of life as a hot drink. Nevertheless, he only came across specialty coffee later in life, while traveling through Scandinavia. After all, coffee in Portugal is mainly strong and bitter, and its origin is unknown.

What Hugo loves about specialty coffee is how coffee has been thought through. Perfection and methodology do the rest: precise time measurement, precise ratios, precise gram measurements. He is your perfect contact for brewing methods, accessories and optimizing your coffee.

By the way: Since discovering specialty coffee, Hugo firmly believes that the world is not only better off without milk and sugar, but that the suffering of underpaid coffee farmers and bitter coffee breaks could also be put to an end.

Hugo's tip: If you like to drink your coffee with milk, he suggests a ratio of 1:15 or 1:14. This ensures a fuller taste and more body. This means you can still taste the subtle nuances of the coffee despite the milk

Hugo's favorite? A crystal clear pour over.


is actually a tea drinker. Before her first cup of specialty coffee, only a lot of oat milk in the latte could save the drink in her eyes.

The chance discovery of specialty coffee was love at first sight. Jannika likes to compare the fine aromas, the clear flavors and the natural sweetness - how could it be otherwise - with tea.

What she also loves about specialty coffee is the experimentation and the surprise finds. And with around 400 flavors there is enough room for surprises! Jannika is your partner for discovering new taste experiences and taking the Fairtrade idea further.

Jannika's favorite? The Aeropress for the playful child in you.

Jannika's tip: Cold coffee takes on a whole new dimension with Specialty Coffee!
So: let the coffee cool down a little and marvel at even more aromas. Maybe it comes from the beloved green tea, which is brewed at just 80 degrees?